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the Convention 2003: schedule

convention 2002
First Day
9:00 Entrance
10:00 Welcome from Brescia Mayor, Paolo Corsini
10:30 Relation on Tolkien and the Critic, by Fiorenzo delle Rupi (president of the Association "Cloud City" of Perugia, coauthor of the book Introduction to Tolkien, Simonelli Publisher, Milano 2002; professional translator of fantasy)
11:15 Relation on The Nature of Rings of the Power, by Alex Lewis (director of the magazine "Nigglings", president of the Smial "Khand" of the Tolkien British Society, coauthor of the book The Uncharted Realms of Tolkien, Medea Publisher 2002)
12:15 Debate with the audience
13:00 Pause for lunch
15:00 Round table on The Free People of the Means Earth during the War of the Ring: with the "Endòre" fanzine staff
16:15 Recitation: Ermes Scaramelli and his actors play the dialogue "Saruman's Voice" from The Lord Of The Rings
17:30 Round table on The Tolkenian Fandom in Italy and Films by Peter Jackson: with webmasters of some Internet forums: Giuseppe Truono ( Eldalië), Peter Meschini (Granburrone), Filippo Rossi (Isengard), Robert Bernocchi (Caltanet), Alessio Forlone (Girsa Crew)
19:00 Pause for dinner
21:00 Fiorenzo Delle Rupi will introduce the new edition of Girsa, translated by himself (25th Edition). Happening in tolkienian fancy dress will follow: hobbits, nazgul, orcs, elves and gondorians. Tolkenian drills with prizes.

Second day
9:00 Entrance at Metropol Cinema, via Galilei (about 150 meters far from the Museum where the Convention is held)
9:20 Projection of the movie The Two Towers, by Peter Jackson
12:30 Pause for lunch
14:30 Conversation on the film The Two Towers with Gianni Musy, Gandalf's voice in the Italian edition
16:00 Relation on The Means Earth of Tolkien and a spirituality for the Real World, by Cristopher Garbowski (University of Lublin, Poland; member of the Tolkien British Society; author of the book Recovery and Transcendence for the Contemporary Mythmaker - the Spiritual Dimension in the Works of J.R.R. Tolkien , Maria Curie-Sklodowska University Press)
17:15 Debate with the audience
18:00 Declaration of Endòre's artistic competition
18:45 Hobbit party
19:30 Convention conclusion

Common events to both days
  Display of tolkienian publishing (from private collections)
  Shop-window of tolkienian images and things
  Exhibition-competition of pictures about tolkienian world
  Exhibition of the pictures by Ruth Lacon and Lorenzo Daniele, in the presence of the authors



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