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one journal, one topic: Tolkien

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In principle (and that is in  1992) it was Terra di Mezzo (Middle-earth), the only independent journal entirely dedicated to Tolkien in Italy.

Then (in 1994) it become a publication by Italian Tolkien Society.

Finally, after nearly six years of existence, Endóre is been born direct and legitimate daughter of Terra di Mezzo.

In the course of the time the pages of the journal, the variety of arguments, the number of collaborators have grown, and the passion for J.R.R.T. is remained unchanged.

Endòre is published once a year, in paper format and may be received by mail.

It contains everything one would want to know on the author of The Lord of the Rings: book reviews, articles, games and a cured and particularly modernized bibliography.

Gary Hunnewell, American, probably the greater expert of tolkienian publishing (he has compiled the world-wide catalogue of the tolkenian periodic publishing - academics and amatorial - downloadable from his "Hildifons Took Home Page" on Internet), wrote the following review (November 1999, page 26) in "Amon Hen", the official bulletin of British Tolkien Society:
"Endòre" is the latest offering out of Italy. It takes the place of "Terra di Mezzo", the magazine of the Società Tolkieniana Italiana.
Like its predecessor, it continues to feature a nice layout as well as a score or more of articles. Its size and content remind one of the glory days of "Niekas". A translation of some of these into English is definitely in order.

N 1, March 1999: WOW ! As usual, the Italians out-do themselves with over thirty items produced by more than a dozen writers in this massive issue.
The issue's lead article by Paolo Barbiano covers twelve pages on the Mim the Dwarf and discusses Tolkien's treatment of him and the Petty Dwarves.
A continuation of an earlier article looks on the political and institutional order found in Bree, which is one of the few places in Middle Earth where different races live together.

A short article (but important subject) by Giuseppe Roncari stresses the importance of the friendship as found in The Lord of the Rings, describing how this power helped overthrown Sauron.
The article that follows draws comparisons and contrasts between Frodo and Gollum, showing the effect of the power of the Ring over the both.
In a multi-page letter Alberto Quagliaroli writes about how Tolkien's work played a part in his religious experiences, and Lorenzo Daniele describes in a later short essay how Tolkien's works have influenced his life in regard to living creatures. For the linguists, there is an analysis of The Oath of Cirion and Eorl.

Items also appearing include those that discuss a couple of century-lists upon which Tolkien is found, favourite Tolkien passages, a list of errors in Italian translations, a transcription of a roundtable on Tolkien, and how Tolkien themes and quotes have crossed into Italian comic strips.

But why stop there ?
There is Tolkien and fantasy books and music reviews, thoughts on a movie production, Tolkien multi-user Dungeons on the Internet, Tolkien related books/small press bibliography, Tolkien miniature figurines, a round-robin story, riddles, and even a MERP role-playing adventure.
Translations into Italian include essays by Rayner Unwin and Patrick Curry from the proceedings of the centenary conference and an Alex Lewis story from "Nigglings".

The stylistic artwork of Lorenzo Daniele, which appears throughout the issue, is very appealing.

This is a very impressive offering as usual !
112 pages, A4, Italian.



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