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Convention 2004:
the Competition

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3 Endòre Competition
for the Tolkenian Illustration

1. The competition is promoted by the Comune of Brescia (ph. +39-030-2977204) and by the magazine Endòre and is dedicated to the works of English writer John Ronald Reuel Tolkien
2. Every participant can send one or two works, b/w or color, on paper (maximum size 35 x 45  cm. with edges).
Every work must be marked (on back in capitals) with author's data: name, address and phone number. The work's title must be written on a separate label
3. The works will be shown at the Auditorium San Barnaba, corso Magenta 44, Brescia, Italy on March 20th and 21st, during the Third Convention "Tolkien and the Middle Earth"
4. Works should be sent by mail to the editor: Franco Manni, via S. Rocchino 163, 25123 Brescia, Italy (ph. +39-030-3701270, within and not beyond March  18th, 2004
5. No responsibility may be given to Mayority of Brescia and/or to Endòre for damaging, theft or fire during transport and exibition.
Works will be returned only upon request of the author
6. The Jury will be composed by an expert in pictorial arts, an expert in Art's history and a tolkenian expert
7. A plate prize will be given to selected artists and their works will be published in magazine Endòre
8. The selection cannot be changed: the participation to the Competition involves the total acceptance of the present regulations
9. No contribution is demanded for partecipating to the Competition



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