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the Convention: reviews

convention 2003
Review from Amon Hen, the main bulletin
of the Tolkien Society, n 175 (May 2002)
by Alex Lewis (thanks Alex !)

The event took place in the modern surroundings of the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brescia, Italy and attracted over 250 attendees for its two days, Saturday and Sunday, mostly from Northern Italy.
Brescia is a city of 200,000 people and has a castle on a hill, a very good museum, two cathedrals and excavated and partially restored ruins of a temple dedicated to the Emperor Vespasian.

Guest speakers at the conference were Alex Lewis from the UK and Edouard Kloczko, author of A Dictionary of Quenya, from France.
Showcased artists on display were Lorenzo Daniele and Ruth Lacon, and there was a large number of fine and varied Tolkien inspired pieces of artwork by younger members on display and a competition for these younger artists' works, with prizes.

There was an introductory speech by the mayor of Brescia, Paolo Corsini, and then the papers began in the main auditorium with a side theatre set up with video link for those who could not find seats in the main venue.
For much time, there were people obliged to use the side theatre.

The first talk was by Fiorenzo Delle Rupi about the relationship between genre and mainstream literature with respect to Tolkien.
This was followed by Alex Lewis giving a paper entitled A Question of Choice (in English with simultaneous translation into Italian).
After lunch there were recitations and round table discussions and Saturday evening a party with some costumes.

The music from Peter Jackson Fellowship of the Ring movie was played and the trailers from the movie shown during both days.

On the Sunday, Edouard Kloczko spoke about the languages of Middle-Earth, Gianni Musy talked with the audience about his part as the Italian 'voice of Gandalf' in the Italian dubbed version of the Peter Jackson movie, and then there was a paper about Tolkien as a Catholic writer by Fr. Paolo Barbiano.

The conference ended at 18:00 on the Sunday and a good time was enjoyed by all.
The organisation was excellent, and the 250 attendees enjoyed the experience.

It was quite clear that Peter Jackson movie had enthused a large number of people to come to a Tolkien Conference of this type.
It might be worth noting this in relation to the likely numbers we might expect for Oxonmoot 2002.

The welcome at Brescia and the enthusiasm of Endore and the Italian fans was wholehearted and I can thoroughly recommend the conference as a worthwhile experience.
It is to be hoped that the City Council of Brescia and Endore will organise another Conference next year.



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