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the Convention: schedule

convention 2003
First Day
9:30 Entrance
10:30 Welcom from Brescia Mayor, Paolo Corsini
11:00 Report about Tolkien between "genre" and "mainstream" literature by Fiorenzo delle Rupi (president of "Cloud City" Association (Perugia, Italy), Doctor of English Language and Literature, essayist, translator from English for Twentyfive Edition (Parma, Italy) and Kyber (Pistoia, Italy), specialized in Fantasy Genre)
11:45 Report about A question of "choice", by Alex Lewis (member of Tolkien Society, director of the rewiew "Nigglings", president of the british Smial "Khand", reporter at the Centenary Conference at Oxford in 1992)
12:45 Debate with the audience
13:30 Pause
15:30 Round Table about The mission of the Fellowship of the Ring, with the "Endòre" fanzine staff
17:00 Recitation: actors Ermes Scaramelli and Andrea Marpicati play the dialogue "Shadow of the Past" from The Lord Of The Rings
18:15 Talk with Quirino Principe (curator of Italian Edition of The Lord Of The Rings) about The editorial vicissitude of Tolkien in Italy
19:00 Pause
20:45 Happening in tolkienian fancy dress: hobbits, nazgul, orcs, elves and gondorians play short scenes from The Lord Of The Rings

Second day
9:00 Entrance
10:30 Report about Middle-earth's languages by Edouard Kloczko (president of the Facultè des études elfiques, author of the book Une grammaire du Quenya)
11:30 Interview to Gianni Musy (dubber of Gandalf in the Italian Edition of the Movie)
12:15 Debate with the audience
13:00 Pause
15:00 Report about Tolkien: a catholic writer ? by fr. Paolo Barbiano di Belgioioso o.c.d.(essayist, expert of elfic language, member of the Tolkien Society, scholar of theology)
16:00 Debate with the audience
16:30 Video-projection of trailers from the movie, interviews with the director and with the actors and others videonews
17:30 Prize awarding of the artistic competition and Hobbit Party
18:30 Convention conclusion

Common events to both of the days
  Display of tolkienian publishing (from private collections)
  Shop-window of tolkienian images and things
  Exhibition-competition of pictures about tolkienian world
  Exhibition of the pictures by Ruth Lacon and Lorenzo Daniele, in the presence of the authors



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