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the fanzine: first issue (4/1999)


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A balance and a relaunching, by Endòre
  A history of the magazine. This is the first issue with this name, but the staff is the same who made issues 1-7 of former Terra di Mezzo (TdM), a magazine of the Italian Tolkien Society, and there is a substantial continuity. Report of staff members and contributors.


Apologia of Mîm the Petty-dwarf, by Paolo Barbiano di Belgiojoso
  An apologia of the notorious dwarf. Which is the truth about the end of the Petty-dwarves ? Was it a genocide ? Mîm’s personality and behaviour: different points of view. Why did Tolkien introduce such an unpleasant character ?
Political and institutional structures in Middle-Earth: Bree-land, by Carlo Stagnaro
  Second instalment of a survey which began in Terra di Mezzo No. 7 (the Shire). Bree-land: an example of successful racial "melting pot". Halfway between an alpine village and genuine America.
Frodo’s friends, by Giuseppe Roncari
  Friendship was the force which destroyed the kingdom of Sauron. Gandalf’s example. Frodo’s best friend, Bilbo. Way friends (Aragorn, Glorfindel…). Sméagol: an unlikely friend. Near till the end: Sam.
Gollum between ups and downs, by Roberto Di Scala
  The power of the Ring upon its bearers. Light and shade in a journey trough evil: the life of Gollum. Frodo as a counterpart of Sméagol.
Publishing Tolkien
  Italian translation of Rayner Unwin’s article, from Proceedings of the J.R.R. Tolkien Centenary Conference.
Less noise and more green
  Italian translation of Patrick Curry’s article, from Proceedings of the J.R.R. Tolkien Centenary Conference.


Dear Editor …
  Letter from Carlo Stagnaro apologizing for some errors in his article in TdM No. 7.
Dear Editorial Staff …
  Letter from Alberto Quagliaroli ("Alqua") who writes about the part played by Tolkien’s work in his religious experience.
From the received letters
  Letter from an unknown reader about Internet & Tolkien.
Favourite characters and passages
  Some readers write about their favourite characters and passages in Tolkien’s works.
Tolkien in England, by Nicola Farinelli
  The famous Waterstone poll, and the BBC list of the 100 greatest artist of this century.
Barnabas Proudfoot’s corner
  Errors and misprints in the italian translation of Tolkien’s works. A reader signalize some of them and Barnabas "pedantic" Proudfoot thanks.
The door, by Lorenzo Daniele
  Continuation of an article begun in TdM No 6. The experience of Daniele’s first reading of the LotR: crossing the door opened by it. Looking at living creatures with different eyes.
Round-table: Tolkien’s characters
  Writing out of a midsummer afternoon‘s discussion among staff members, at editor’s home. Favourite and less favourite characters in Tolkien works. Different interpretations and points of view. Possible sources.
  Amongst other things: Tolkien bow targets designed by Lorenzo Daniele (artist and bowman).


Root and branch
  Italian translation of Alex Lewis’s story, from Nigglings.
Il Verdecammino, by Enrico Imperatori
  Poem about the Greenway.


Tolkien and comic-strips, by Nicola Farinelli
  Tolkien quotations and Tolkien inspired stories in italian comic-strips.
Of spears and rings, by Fiorenzo Delle Rupi
  Comparision between Tolkien’s world and the saga of Dragonlance.
J.R.R.Tolkien: The Peoples of Middle-Earth, by Franco Manni
  Review of the last volume of The History of Middle-Earth.
Andrea Occhino: Visioni fantastiche (Fantasy visions), by Franco Manni
  Review of a booklet about fantasy movies.
The LotR at the cinema, by Agostino Maiello
  Why not ? Suggestions to make a (decent) movie out of the LotR.
Reiff and Hall: An evening in Rivendell, by Edoardo Sbaffi
  Review of the Danish CD with Tolkien’s inspired music.
Emilia Lodigiani: Invito alla lettura di Tolkien (Invitation to read Tolkien), by Carlo Stagnaro
  Review of one of the (few) good critical essays in italian about Tolkien.
Robert Foster: The complete guide to Middle-Earth, by Paolo Barbiano di Belgiojoso
  Review of Foster’s fundamental guide.


J.R.R.Tolkien’s opinion about, by Franco Manni
  A fictitious (but likely) conversation of J.R.R. Tolkien about his tastes.
Quenya, by Edoardo Sbaffi
  Linguistic section. In this number an analysis of the Oath of Cirion and Eorl.
Internet corner, by Andrea Alberici
  Tolkien MUDs. An exploration of Hobbiton in the Web.
Gollum’s Cave, by Edoardo Vitto e Fabio Bono
  Column by Edoardo Vitto e Fabio Bono. In this number: a Middle-Earth six hands story and some very good Lorenzo Daniele’s "Ringddles" (in the dark).
Mathom, by Riccardo Moretti
  Tolkien inspired miniature figures. Mithril Miniatures.
The Hobbiton Library, by Enrico Imperatori
  Eighth instalment of a bibliography about books on and of Tolkien.
The Archives of Minas Tirith, by Giuseppe Roncari
  The theme of hero’s recognition in Tolkien’s works.


The ghosts of the mountain, by Enrico Clementel
  Middle-Earth Role Playing adventure.


Gollum, by Lorenzo Daniele
Treebeard, by Lorenzo Daniele
The Argonath, by Lorenzo Daniele
Dragon Helm, by Lorenzo Daniele
A door of Moria, by Lorenzo Daniele
Moria, by Franca Montesin
Galadriel and Melian in Doriath, by Lorenzo Daniele
"Sarumanians", by Lorenzo Daniele
Barrow-wights, by Lorenzo Daniele
Isildur at the Gladden Fields, by Lorenzo Daniele
The Seven Fathers of the Dwarves, by Lorenzo Daniele
Palantír, by Lorenzo Daniele
Discussion between Frodo and Boromir, by Marcello Maestrini
Sam cooking, by Marcello Maestrini
Gandalf finds out Sam, by Marcello Maestrini



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