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the fanzine: fifth issue (9/2002)


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Phenomenology of the "Mass Culture", by Endòre


The Narrative Art in The Lord of the Rings - The First Two Chapters, by Beppe Roncari
Publishing Tolkien in Italy, by Quirino Principe
Tolkien between "Genre" Literature and "Mainstream" Literature, by Fiorenzo Delle Rupi


Tolkien and Job: a Parallel, by Alberto Quagliaroli
About Manicheism in Tolkien, by an Internet Newsgroup
Introducing "Introduzione a Tolkien", by Endòre
Report of the Tolkien Conference at Brescia 2001, by Alex Lewis
Tolkenian Bows, by Lorenzo Daniele
Panel on the Landscapes in Tolkien's Worksby Beppe Roncari, Filippo Rossi, Alberto Quagliaroli, Lorenzo Daniele, Franco Manni


A Glade in the Ithilien - Third Part, by Alex Lewis
New Italian Translations of Songs and Poems in The Hobbit, by Lorenzo Daniele
A Long Expected Party, by Enrico Imperatori
Beyond to the West, by Alberto Quagliaroli


Unfinished Tales of Numénor and Middle-Earth, by Franco Manni
The History of Middle-Earth: Volumes 1-12, by Franco Manni
Several Recent Italian Books on Tolkien, by Carlo Stagnaro
The Fellowship of the Ring - The Movie, by Tom Shippey
The Fellowship of the Ring - The Movie, by Filippo Rossi
J. R. R. Tolkien: the Author of the Century, by John Gart
Introduzione a Tolkien, by Alberto Mingardi, Pietro Meschini & Lorenzo Gatti, Fritz Tegularius, Luigi Pachi


Tolkien Speaks about ...a Secret Vice, by Franco Manni
Mathom: Lord of the Rings Vignettes by Mithril - Second Part, by Riccardo Moretti
The Internet Corner, by Andrea Alberici
The Gollum's Cave: Impossible Questions to Tolkien Fans, by Edoardo Vitto
Minas Tirith Archives: Who is Tom Bombadil ?, by Franco Manni
The Library of Hobbiton: Tolkien Journals and Fanzines in the World, by Enrico Imperatori


Esterlings !, by Fabio Bono & Edoardo Vitto


By Lorenzo Daniele, Davide Cattaneo, Giovanni Luzi, Stefano Sergi, Filippo Rossi, Ilaria Bozzuffi



last update: September 17th, 2002 © Elena Grecchi