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the fanzine: third issue (9/2000)


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The Tolkenian reader at the crossroad ..., edited by Endòre


Tolkien and the review of the Romantic Tradition, by Chris Seeman
Tolkien and Orwell, by Carlo Stagnaro
In reconnaissance, by Al.Qua
Tolkien's Dark Side, by Fiorenzo delle Rupi
Cosmology of the Middle Earth, by Beppe Roncari


A Pilgrim at the Western Borders: I - Places and Situations, by Paolo Barbiano di Belgiojoso
The Trees' Dance, by Lorenzo Daniele
LotR: the Movie, by Agostino Maiello
My thoughts on casting, by Sarah
Notes on casting, by John R.
Round-table: the Supernatural in Tolkien, edited by Endòre
Smial "Turin", by Lorenzo Daniele
Ring Drills, by Lorenzo Daniele
We've received, edited by Endòre
They say about us, edited by Endòre
Nathan Never and Tolkien, by Elena Grecchi e Beppe Roncari


One glade in the Ithilien, by Alex Lewis
The Implacable Caradhras, by Enrico Imperatori


Joseph Pearce: Tolkien: Man and Mith, by Franco Manni
Jurgis Baltrusaitis: The Fantastic Middle Age, by Alvise Manni
Gianni Guadalupi and Alberto Manguel: Handbook Of Fantastic Places, by Lorenzo Daniele
AA.VV.: The Fight with Dragon. The English fantastic universe from Beowulf to Tolkien, by Lorenzo Daniele
The Starlit Jewels, by Edoardo Sbaffi
JRR Tolkien: Roverandom. The Adventures of a Winged Dog, by Elena Grecchi


JRRT's opinion about ... The Sense of Life, by Franco Manni
Quenya: Smichov's Mode, second part - Numbers and Puntuaction, by Paolo Barbiano di Belgiojoso
Internet Corner, by Andrea Alberici
Gollum's Cave, by Edoardo Vitto e Fabio Bono
Mathom: METW or the Card's Deck LotR's Game, by Luigi Sbaffi
LotR Miniatures: "Mithril Classics", by Riccardo Moretti
Playing Tolkien's Battles, by Roberto Di Meglio
The Hobbiville Library, by Enrico Imperatori
The Archives of Minas Tirith - The Traitor, Turin's Tragic Issues, by Beppe Roncari


The Caverns of Terror, by Fabio Bono



last update: September 6th, 2002 © Elena Grecchi