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the fanzine: fourth issue (4/2001)


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Two points of view, by Endòre


Historical Bias in the making of the Silmarillion, by Alex Lewis (translated by Roberto Di Scala)
Narration in the Lord of the Rings, by Beppe Roncari
An Enquiry on the Psychology of the Dwarves, by David Funk (translated by Carlo Stagnaro)
Shall I at Least Set My Lands in Order, by Roberto Di Scala
A Misunderstood Man, by Joseph Pearce (translated by Roberto Di Scala)


The Water Pool, by Lorenzo Daniele
The Unbearable Wait, by F. Casu and F. Delle Rupi
Panel on Dwarves, by Endòre
A Semi-serious Analogy between Tolkien and the Job of the Bible, by Alberto Quagliaroli
The Interviewers of the Evil, by Elena Grecchi and Beppe Roncari


One glade in the Ithilien - 2nd part, by Alex Lewis (translated by Roberto di Scala)
The Western Land of the West And Other poems, by Alberto Quagliaroli
The Fall of Isengard, by Enrico Imperatori
The New Shadow, by J. R. R. Tolkien (translated by Roberto Di Scala)


Joseph Pearce - Tolkien: a Celebration, by Paolo Barbiano di Belgiojoso
H. Dickinson - A Film Portrait, by Lorenzo Daniele
The Italian Translation of Beowulf: the Monsters and the Critics, by Franco Manni


JRRT's opinion about ... Movies on ThLotR, by Franco Manni
Internet Corner - The Sites on the Movie, by Agostino Maiello
Gollum's Cave - Don't Do That, o Dark Lord !, by Edoardo Vitto
Mathom - ThLorR Vignettes, by Riccardo Moretti
The Hobbiville Library - Updates from UK and USA, by Enrico Imperatori
The Archives of Minas Tirith - The Anniversaries, by Beppe Roncari


Master Halgan's Workshop, by Enrico Clementel



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